Install and update themes or plug-ins in seconds!

One of my favorite features of WordPress is the ability to both manage installed Themes and Plugins but also how you can simply install new Plugins and Themes right from the WordPress admin panel. You can quickly search the directory of over 12,000 Plugins and 1,000 Themes and when you decide on one you like, you simply enter your FTP credentials and it will automatically install the files needed to use that Plugin or Theme.

For instance,  as I was writing this post in my WordPress text editor I decided instead of typing the HTML myself, being a developer comes in handy there; I would install a Plugin I use frequently: TinyMCE Advanced and see if I could add the ability to use an acronym tag to the TinyMCE editor in WordPress.

Since I have used this Plugin in the past I had an edge here but search and you will find a solution for many problems you’ll face when building a new website or blog. There is such a large community around WordPress often someone has thought of your problem before you ran into it. Often time’s even complex requests can be accomplished with a quick search through the Plugin directory and a short installation process all from the backend of your WordPress blog!

When it comes time for customization this is where WordPress Now can help you. If you have found a great Plugin but need it customized to suit your site we can help. Our developers follow strict coding standards and can create custom WordPress Plugins for your every need. Whether you have found a Plugin but need a little extra or are looking for someone who understands you don’t want another blog; this is what we do. We have quick turn around service; for a premium but can often fix, upgrade, backup or even restore your blog or website in less time than most developers out there.

If you know HTML or PHP you can likely customize Themes very easily on your own, and might even eventually task yourself with creating and managing your own Plugins but before you do, you should understand the coding standards and follow them. Make sure to ensure users, including yourself, can update Plugins and Themes as new versions are released without breaking your custom code.

As for Themes there are some great frameworks out there; my personal preference is Thematic; if you haven’t used it, try it! As with any theme, you can create child Themes and this will help you keep your custom design changes organized while still allowing your main Theme t be updated when needed.

Obviously this get’s tricky so if you have any problems feel free to call us or email us; anytime.

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